Film Fights

#035: Lethal Weapon vs Die Hard [Christmas Action]

December 07, 2022 Season 3 Episode 55
Film Fights
#035: Lethal Weapon vs Die Hard [Christmas Action]
Show Notes

Deck the halls with bowels of baddies
Fa la la la la, la la la la
'Tis the season for ratatat tatty
Blam blam blam blam blam, pow pow pow boom
Bad ass cop guys for Christmas nights
Yippee ki, yippee ki, yay-yay-yay
Merry Christmas from Film Fights
La la la la Lo-vely Spectators!

Film Fighters Kon 'n Jon put to rest the age-old question that has plagued experts and scholars for centuries: "Is Die Hard and Lethal Weapon a Christmas movies?"  Find out RIGHT HERE!

Tangents include: Car Batteries, Interstellar Tangent [Gender Swapped Muppets -> Muppet Pastor -> Hannibal History -> Sound of Muses -> A Christmas Song], The Odd Weapons, 14 Year Old Girls (the band), Moon P’Eyes, Buds’s, Jackie Chan’s Mr. Nice Guy, A Christmas Carol, Soup Cases, Box 'o Butter, Meat Bar -> Food Gloves, Super Dutchio Brothers, Carl Wind-In-the-Winslow, Robert Evans.

Intro/Outro by Math the Band.